In The Name of ALLAH The Beneficent The Merciful

BARZAKH FOUNDATION is a non-profit Islamic organization which was founded by a group of young Moslem intelectuals at August 27, 1994 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Main Objectives

  1. To improve comprehension on Islamic way of life in developing a harmonic and solid society.
  2. To develop an advanced Islamic education system in improving social insight.
  3. To promote all constructive efforts and ideas in solving every social problems inside and outside the Islamic community.

Main Activities

  1. Monthly discussion about Islam and Tasawwuf (Sufism) under the guidance of Muhammad Zuhri, a Sufi Master.
  2. Raise fund to give donation to the orphanages, the homeless, the poor, victims of disasters, etc.
  3. Give treatment or counseling with Islamic Sufism approach to solve private (physical or mental illness), family, or social problem (Sufi Healing).

Since 1996 Barzakh Foundation had opened a public service to treat HIV/AIDS patients using Sufi Healing method.
We invite every individual and organization who are dealing with HIV/AIDS to help us conduct this service.
HIV/AIDS patients can also contact us directly.

The Meaning of BARZAKH

Barzakh is an Arabic word which means an isthmus or a partition. The word is mentioned in The Holy Quran (Al Furqan verse 53), which refers to an isthmus, a narrow piece of land between two oceans. According to a Sufi the two oceans symbolize the ocean of God's Absoluteness and the ocean of Nature's Relativity, while the isthmus symbolizes a Perfect Moslem. Following this concept, a Perfect Moslem is the one who has the awareness of God's Absoluteness and Nature's Relativity in his heart, so that along with his physical activity and creativity, his spiritual form never stops prostating to God to seek His Love only.
The meeting of the two oceans also represented in the story of Moses' encounter with Khidr in The Holy Quran (Al Kahfi verses 60-82). Moses symbolizes the Nature's Relativity, while Khidr symbolizes God's Absoluteness.
Given the name Barzakh, the Foundation hopes that it will always submit itself to God in its strugle to serve the community.

Muhammad Zuhri Counselor
Andri AryadiPresident
Buroqi Tarich SiregarVice President
Michael Roland Secretary and Treasurer
Executives :
Adriansyah Chaniago
Budi Supriatna
Candra Wisnuarka
Fathoni Aji
Hasyim Adnan
Ida Ayu Mustika Dewi
Ridha Rodiah
Sentot Prasetyo
Syampurna Chandra

Our contact address:
Jalan Bangka Raya no.18
Jakarta INDONESIA 12720
Phone: (62-21) 71790355
Fax: (62-21) 71790152