In The Name of ALLAH The Beneficent The Merciful

Barzakh Foundation, an Islamic social welfare organization located in Jakarta, Indonesia, has opened a worldwide service to cure HIV/AIDS patients using Sufi Healing methods.


The Barzakh Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, and the service is free of charge. Further cooperation with individuals or organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS is needed to perform this service. HIV/AIDS patients can contact the Barzakh Foundation directly by E-mail or fax.

The Foundation regards HIV/AIDS disease as a serious threat to humanity. Deep empathy and careful attention are needed to prevent their further spread and to cure already infected patients using every way that conforms to human laws, morality, and religion.

The Foundation is committed to treating HIV/AIDS patients using Sufi Healing methods practiced for the last 20 years by its counselor, Muhammad Zuhri, (a Sufi Master in Indonesia), to cure many people suffering from cancer, mental illness, leukemia, impotence, paralysis, etc.

The Foundation accepts help from any individual and organization dealing with HIV/AIDS and willing to disseminate information about this service.


Sufi Healing is an Islamic therapy using Divine spiritual power. It has been practiced exclusively by Sufis for centuries. The basic principle in Sufi Healing is that the True Healer is God Himself, the Sufis acting only as mediators.
Further information about Sufism are available over the cyberspace.

To cure HIV/AIDS patients, the Foundation's Sufi Master practices two ways, the first involving body contact (for those who can visit us in person) and the second involving simple meditation on the part of absent patients at specific times when the Sufi Master will also perform prayers. In his prayers, the Sufi Master will mention the names of the patient and his/her mother.

Some patients, if considered necessary,  will also be given without charge a wifq (a piece of paper on which holy verses have been written) which must be carried on the patient's person or immersed in a glass of drinking water. Complete instructions will be sent along with the wifq.

As the treatment uses no traditional herbs, medicinal preparations, or other chemical substances, there can be no harmful side effects.

We accept patients from every country regardless of gender, race, or religion.

For patients who are able to visit us:

For far away patients:

For patients who receive wifq:

(Only for far-away patients)

This is the procedure in the Sufi Healing treatment: (Please perform the following procedure EVERY DAY)

From the date we respond your request and so on, our Sufi Master (Mr. Muhammad Zuhri) will perform a special prayer for you EVERY DAY (the prayer will take about one hour). We ask you also to pray to God (according to your own religion) at the same time. Please synchronize the time:

Our Sufi Master will pray every day at: 11.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time), or ................... your local time (we don't know your Time Zone so please find the exact time for your local city refering to GMT) or 06.00 p.m. - 07.00 p.m. Jakarta time (Western Indonesia Time).

Please stay in a secluded room during that time, and pray to God (according to your own religion) for your healing, or concentrate yourself in your healing, or rest and don't think about worldly business. . Please do not answer phone or talk to someone else. If you have to do so, please talk as little as you can, and get back to the prayer as soon as possible. If you can't find a secluded room at that time, please find the quietest place available (library, etc.; but NOT rest room, please).

After about ten days from that, please inform us about your health condition and if there are any strange dreams or experiences, please let us know (via e-mail). Please perform the prayer every day at that time, and to give priority to this procedure in your daily activities, because this is the important part in our Sufi Healing procedure.

Our Sufi Master will tell again later when you can stop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While following our Sufi Healing treatment, please DO NOT follow any other spiritual healing method or spiritism method. (Including yoga, massage, accupuncture, etc.) But medicine from your doctor or traditional herbs are OK.


Persons who are HIV+ or haveAIDS and want to take part in our program should conform to the terms of agreement
listed below:

  1. We accept patients from every country regardless of gender, race, religion or ideology. No obligation for Non-Moslems to embrace Islam.
  2. The patient must already have been tested HIV+.
  3. The Foundation give treatment only to cure the HIV/AIDS disease.
  4. The patient should carry out every procedure in a disciplined manner.
  5. The patient should provide the Foundation by E-mail or fax with his/her full name, his/her mother's name, and his/her  mailing address. (Please complete and submit the registration form below) The Foundation will hold this information in strict secrecy.
  6. The Foundation will do its utmost to serve every patient.
  7. During treatment, the patient should send information of any progress or medical analysis reports regularly to the Foundation.
  8. While undergoing this treatment, the patient must NOT practice other spiritually-based treatment or therapy (such as yoga) as long as the treatment is going on.
  9. However, prescribed medicines or vitamins as prescribed should be continued.
  10. Both during and after treatment the patient should avoid all HIV risk activities (e.g. sexual intercourse with high HIV risk persons)
  11. In order to speed up the healing process, all patients are advised to maximize religious activities (praying to God, giving up bad behavior, etc.) in accordance with his or her own beliefs.
  12. The treatment usually takes three months. The Foundation will stop treatment if the patient is not cured within six months. We must remember that this treatment uses prayers, and any results are up to God.
  13. The Foundation and the patients can stop the treatment process at any time. Please notify us if you quit the service. The Foundation will also notify the patients if we cancel the service.
  14. The Foundation is unable to guarantee the successof this treatment, and thus cannot be held liable for any claims by patients, their families, and/or communities.
  15. The service is FREE. The Foundation will not charge patients for anything.


HIV/AIDS patients who agree with all terms of agreement listed above can join our service by filling out this registration form, or send the data required by using e-mail, fax, or mail service. The Foundation will guard the secrecy of all patients' data.

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For further information, please contact us at:
Jalan Bangka Raya no.18-A
Jakarta INDONESIA 12720
Phone/Fax: (62-21) 71790355
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